Is TERA 2 in Development for PC? Project EXA Thoughts

author image by ByteStix | Articles News TERA MMORPG | 2 Comments | 14 Nov 2019
Is TERA 2 in Development for PC? Project EXA Thoughts I forgot which video I did recently - it may have been my Crimson Desert one, I don't recall. I literally get thousands of comments every other day that it's... Read more

TERA in 2019: Is it Worth Your Time?

author image by ByteStix | Articles News Review TERA MMORPG | 0 Comments | 30 Sep 2019
TERA in 2019.. is it Dead or Worth Playing? MrsStix and I both enjoy TERA. Or, okay, let me rephrase that. MrsStix and I both enjoyed TERA. Past tense. I played TERA back when you had to pay to play... Read more

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    Vorlon says:
    First keep up the good work! Good luck to all participants. I would love to get The Lost Ark Found...
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    Rose says:
    Will Honkai ever come to PS console? And please don’t add more men. The women make the game!!!!!! ...
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    Alfyn says:
    I know its free but I just wanna play Blue Protocol bro .,....
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    johnpedalpedu says:
    i wana play pso2 new genesis. i accidently delete the file (steam problem duno y) and steam redownl...
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    CreativeMan-AK says:
    Nice 👍👊 I will like to get New World, I really to explore the world of the game, it is a Very...