Why Burning Soul Worker is the Best Free Anime MMO in 2019

Why Burning Soul Worker is the Best Free Anime MMO in 2019

Are you bored with your current Anime MMO? Does the combat feel dated? Are the graphics.. underwhelming you?
Well, while we all sit here and ponder if Nexon will ever confirm a Western release date for Peria Chronicles maybe I can tempt you with something to satiate your appetite until then: Burning Soul Worker.
I know, I know. I actually did a video on Burning Soul Worker last year.
But times have changed, games have come and gone, and.. well, with Gameforge’s version of Soul Worker sitting at an average concurrent playerbase of 600, I feel like this is as good of an opportunity as any to discuss this.
Burning Soul Worker is the private server alternative to Soul Worker Online, published in the West by Gameforge.
Soul Worker itself is a hub-based Anime MMO that utilizes an intricate combo system, interweaved with flashy action combat to deliver what is arguably the best combat in an MMO of its kind.
And by “its kind,” I don’t mean the “action MMO” genre itself, no. But the “Anime MMO” genre however? Most definitely.

Soul Worker released back in Japan in 2015, with it hitting North American shores at the beginning of 2018.
I was contacted by Gameforge during its launch to do a 3-part sponsored playthrough of the game and I admit that at the time, I did enjoy myself.
The game itself is a lot of fun. Even when I played it back before it was ever translated and localized. Yes, both Wiggy and I used a fan-translation to translate parts of the game back when it was exclusive to Japan.
We spent weeks playing through it. You might think to yourself “what kind of deranged lunatic would play through a game they can’t understand at all?”
Well, the answer to that was that we never expected Soul Worker to release in the West so we did what we had to.
Then, sometime in late 2017 Wiggy and I happened upon the Burning Soul Worker private server which was an English translated version of the game we had no idea existed. At all.
We got to playing it and enjoyed our time there, then as stated earlier, Gameforge released it officially. People were ecstatic. At first, anyway.
Then they began to realize what I realized: Gameforge adjusted rates to promote their cash shop and slow things down.
Players were warranted with their criticism of the changes. Being required to re-grind dungeons repetitiously to continue with the story was tedious, the lower drop rates on crafting materials and gear was irksome and.. well.
There were various issues people had with Gameforge’s version that ultimately sent them looking for an alternative. That was when we went back to Burning Soul Worker.

Burning Soul Worker has the most up-to-date English translated releases, using the official English translations in place of those used originally and having dedicated staff to assist in translating unreleased content.
As they’re more updated, they often have a higher level cap with access to newer features and characters months before Gameforge ever gets ahold of them. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Not only are they vastly ahead in terms of content, but they have increased the rate of XP by 3x, the drop rate by 2x, Zenny and BP rate both by 3x and have an unlimited fatigue system.
Yes, Soul Worker utilizes a fatigue system, similarly to most hub-based dungeon-crawlers, unfortunately.
Normally, this means you have a limited number of entries for content per day, and Gameforge adopts this practice in the official Soul Worker game.
Burning Soul Worker completely did away with the fatigue system, however, allowing players to play without restriction.
Currently, Gameforge has access to 6 characters, Haru, Lily, Stella, Erwin, Jin and Iris. Burning Soul Worker has access to 7, including the recent Chii addition, not to mention awakenings for every character including Chii.
The cash shop has been significantly overhauled making items much easier to obtain. No longer are they gated behind large pay-walls.
This includes but is also not limited to costumes that were released solely in the East and custom costumes created exclusively for the private server.

I touched on the ever diminishing population of players on the official Soul Worker servers, and Gameforge’s merging of servers together is further proof that the official version is reaching the end of its life.
The private server has been online for going on 4 years now and is more active these days then it was back in the past before Gameforge released it over here.
Player population is always an important part of any game in the genre. If you don’t have people to play with then why are we playing an MMO as opposed to a single player RPG, right?
Even though games like Soul Worker, Dungeon Fighter and Closers are all hub-based games, they live and die according to their community and the players that comprise them.
So seeing that every town in Burning Soul Worker is packed with players new and old leveling, gearing and playing with one another is reassuring to see.
They’ve proven that their community – their playerbase can stand the test of time. They’ve also proven that they’re dedicated to the game and making sure it’s worthy of playing.

I believe Burning Soul Worker is the most engaging, most entertaining Anime MMO on the market right now. It has its flaws, sure, no game is infallible and without issue.
Soul Worker takes the hub-based genre and offers players something different.
A cute, Anime-inspired world filled with fantastic combat, lots of cosmetic items to decorate both your character and your apartment, and an ever evolving story to play through with a diverse, increasing character-roster.
Then, Burning Soul worker takes it a step further by not only improving on the issues Gameforge faces, but also introducing additional custom content for players to enjoy.
What more could you want out of a game? Heck, what more could you want out of a publisher?

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