Void Elsword Game Review

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Alternate Title: Elsword
Developer: KOG Games
Publisher: KOG Games
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC
PvP: Arena, Sparring
PvE: Dungeons, Hunting Fields
Release Date: March 23, 2011 (NA/EU)
Playerbase: Large

Void Elsword Review - Is It Worth Playing?

Okay, so if you weren’t already aware.. even though I’ve went over this in pretty much every Anime MMO video I’ve ever done, I am a huge Anime fan.
Like, so huge that I still occasionally listen to the Sailor Moon opening when I feel nostalgic.

Naturally, I am therefore more inclined to like Anime MMORPGs – even if they’re an endangered species in this day and age.
With that in mind, having the opportunity to play one of the few that remains is thrilling for me.

Elsword, or rather, the private server we all play on, Void Elsword, is based on the official Elsword MMORPG by KOG Games.
The game takes place in the fictional world of Elrios, a world that was once a desolate, barren wasteland. One day the El was bestowed upon the land and life has since began to flourish, giving birth to many kingdoms and villages scattered across Elrios.
Elsword is absolutely brimming with story to follow. There are twelve individual characters players can choose between: Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, Lu/Ciel, Rose, and Ain.
Each character has their own unique backstory, along with class and set of jobs you’re capable of choosing between. Allow me to elaborate a little on that.
Let’s take the character I chose, Add: Upon reaching level 30, Add can choose between Psychic Tracer, Arc Tracer, or Time Tracer, each having their own playstyle and attacks.
Furthermore, upon reaching level 35, players are able to undergo a second job-quest. Add, as an example, can progress to a Lunatic Psyker, Mastermind, or Diabolic Esper, depending on which job players chose at level 15.
Finally, after reaching level 99 and unlocking Transcendence, players will become eligible to advance to their third and final job.
With Add being able to transform into a Doom Bringer, Dominator, or Mad Paradox. I would like to point out that each job – and ultimately class, is unique, and therefore changes the overall personality of your character, along with various voice lines.
Now remember.. each class has access to different playstyles and different skill sets. This makes for what is likely the most extensive.. and sometimes confusing class system in an Anime MMORPG.. outside of perhaps Ragnarok Online.
But.. don’t get me started on that. That is just a whole nother rabbit hole that I intend on sidestepping around, thank you very much.

Void Elsword is probably the most packed I’ve ever seen an MMO town. Upon loading beyond the tutorial we were met with.. a few.. hundred players. And yes, my nose is red because I got sunburned.. on my nose. The only place I’d forgotten to slather sunscreen on.
The community was beyond friendly – everyone wanting to join in and help us level, teach us how to play the game, offer us items, money and more.
And while I was more than happy to whore myself out for the sweet alure of in-game shinies, I felt like it was in our best interest to see how the game functioned without being carried.
At least.. for a short while.

One of the things I enjoyed about the server were the increased rates. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing at all wrong with leveling slowly through the game, but having your XP buffed by a few times, along with droprates, is never a bad thing.
It allows players to gather materials and money faster and more efficiently, along with assisting in hitting endgame with less difficulty.
Another aspect of the game I was happy with was that the pay to win aspects of KOG’s iteration of Elsword weren’t really present on Void Elsword.
I hate pay to win. I believe pay to win destroys games. So seeing Void take measures against this was a step in the right direction.

Now, Elsword is actually a side-scrolling MMORPG with instanced environments and dungeons it has you progress through.
It has a world that you can explore outside of dungeons and towns referred to as Hunting Fields, connected through various loading screens separating the zones from one another.
These areas allow players to group together and hunt monsters, items, and money outside of dungeons while simultaneously exploring the world of Elrios.
The basic premise of the game is as follows: You wander around a variety of Hunting Fields while waiting for Dungeon queues or PvP queues to pop.
Which actually brings me to my next point..

I was a little disappointed I didn’t have the opportunity to engage in PvP combat actually. I was so taken by the combat, the environments, and leveling higher and higher that I completely overlooked the PvP system.
There are several forms PvP takes in Elsword:

Sparring, which is more of an unranked PvP system featuring Team Matches where each player has one life, Team Death Matches which has both teams race to a set number of kills first, Survival, a free-for-all, Winner Matches, which is a tag-team 1v1 match, and Brawl Mode, a mode where players obtain various buffs, debuffs and miscellaneous abilities through use of items.
Arena, the “official” state of PvP that has an overall server-wide ranking, featuring 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches.

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing PvP on the official Elsword server, and I believe Void Elsword’s functions more or less in the same way, so, with that in mind, I can say without a doubt that at least the Sparring system is an absolute blast.
Fighting Wiggy in a 1v1 was a ton of fun. Which is disappointing, as I would’ve liked to have had the opportunity to fight my wife in 1v1 as well.. I could’ve shown everyone who wears the pants in this relationship!

Ahem. Moving along, Elsword has.. the second best combat I’ve found in an Anime MMORPG. The best combat being in Soul Worker, naturally. Combat is completely action based – binding skills to various keys such as Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D and using your arrow keys to direction yourself.
While I did find this a little awkward at first, I got used to it rather quickly.
The skills have such flashy effects I often found myself a little lost as to what I was even doing.. or where I was. Having a dungeon filled with players with skill animations taking up the entire screen makes for a little disorientation – okay?!

All in all, playing Void Elsword was an absolutely preposterous, yet simultaneously unbelievably captivating opportunity.
The server was permeating with life. The community was beyond friendly, having players offer to help with anything and everything we needed.
The rates for the server made for a much more pleasurable leveling experience, especially since Wiggy and I had done the first 20-30 levels a few times in the past.
Combat is comparable to non-Anime MMOs – featuring absolutely ridiculous looking action combat that isn’t found in an Anime MMO outside of Soul Worker.. and maybe Closers Online.
Character and class diversity is just.. unbelievable.
And I could go on.

I believe that personally, Void Elsword is vastly superior to any other version of Elsword as they’re quite possibly the most up-to-date source of the game you can find online.
They’re handled by a much better group than the official Elsword game published by KOG Games, and have one of the most amazing communities of Elsword fans I’ve found online.
If you’re not playing on Void Elsword, then I strongly urge you to at the very least give it a go. Try it out for yourself. Don’t take my word for it – jump in-game and see with your own eyes.
And, if you have time.. potentially play with us. We’re always open to playing with fans after all.

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz
Video Card: GeForce MX 400 32MB or better
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 1,300 MB

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Pentium 4 2.7 GHz
Video Card: GeForce FX5700 / ATI Radeon 9600 128MB or better
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB

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