The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Opens Pre-Registration

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Opens Pre-Registration

I loved the Seven Deadly Sins Anime. I’ve watched every incarnation of the Anime I could find, but I had no idea the game was launching onto mobile devices until earlier today when someone mentioned it. Naturally I had to delve into what it was because I couldn’t.. not play the game. No way.
Unfortunately, the game is currently only available in South Korea and Japan.. well, right now, anyway. Thankfully, Netmarble made the announcement recently that The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross would be releasing worldwide this year, with pre-registration being available right now through the App Store and Google Play.
Again, I’ve never played the game, but supposedly, it was one of the highest grossing most played mobile games both within South Korea and Japan alike.

The game is a brand new turn-based RPG that utilizes a strategic dynamic combat system, combining cards together to trigger “Ultimate Moves.”
There’s quite a bit of customization accompanying the game, with players being able to not only recruit The Seven Deadly Sins and all the characters that make up the Anime and Manga, but also providing us with the ability to dress them up in completely different outfits – even going as far as creating outfits exclusively for this game.
Outfits not found anywhere else! This includes hairstyles and accessories along with clothing options. Finally, not only are there traditional PvE options, including multiplayer co-op, but there’s PvP if you feel sassy and wanna test yourself and your abilities.

In Grand Cross we’ll be able to experience the story retold in beautiful 3D animated cutscenes. I’ve seen them and they look damn good. This is something that both looks and sounds like a ton of fun to play.
I’ve never really been fond of card games in any form but I feel like this’ll be alright. The game looks solid enough that it shouldn’t be much of an issue.
Being able to play through the story of the Anime though in any capacity is enticing for me. As I mentioned, I love the Anime and the world that was built. Being able to explore and exist within it is a chance I’m not gonna pass up.
What’s more, the original Japanese voice actors reprise their roles in the game. I love that Japanese games, even Japanese mobile games take this approach and make certain the quality of their games – the quality of the voice acting in their games is of comparable quality to the Anime series they’re based on.
There are pre-registration bonuses available for players that pre-register for the global version of the game before it launches, and honestly – why wouldn’t you anyway? It literally takes seconds to do and you get free stuff. Like.. who wouldn’t want free stuff?

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