Testing KurtzPel’s New Karma: The Sacred Guardian

Testing KurtzPel's New Karma: The Sacred Guardian

KOG Games are on a roll right now. They’re pushing out content update after content update.
I remember just having finished my video on the Kardia Island Shore – and then they go ahead and announce a brand new character to play as? And she’s adorable as this?
Okay so before I jump into the game and show off what the new Karma is like, I’d like to give a shoutout to KOG Games for sponsoring this video by offering me closed beta access to the character, that way I can test it out and see how it plays.
If you wanna try Lime out, or, heck, even wanna play the game, you can go ahead and use my link in the description or pinned comment to be taken directly to the game.

Since this is a closed beta, I can’t use my character from the live server.. therefore I went ahead and created a brand new Chaser – something I enjoy doing in every game.

The new character is the Sacred Guardian, Lime.
Lime wields the most powerful of weapons – a slightly longer Mjolnir.. or for people that don’t watch Marvel movies, she uses a Giant Hammer, with which she smacks people with. Very, very hard.
Since I wanted to showcase the new Karma specifically, along with the new character Lime I opted to use only the Hammer as opposed to any other Karma, and play only the Lime-related quests.
This way you can see first-hand how the character plays, along with the bosses you have to fight. And of course you can see how adorable Lime is.

Honestly, for the most part the bosses weren’t too difficult. I never had to repeat any of them, but then again, the new Karma deals quite a substantial amount of damage.
During the first fight I did feel like a bit of a punching bag. The hulking beast of a boss just threw me around the room like I was nothing, but! I would like to point out that he only killed me once.
The second fight against Sir Baren was much more difficult. He took off an entire life with a single hit at one point and just wouldn’t get off of me. I felt like he was cheating a little bit but I won’t report him to the GMs.
Since I had no idea how to play the new Karma I didn’t really know what I was doing attack-wise and therefore had very limited mobility. This left me very open to.. dying.
But I kinda just.. you know, kept hitting him and eventually he died.
Then for the third and final fight I had to fight Lime herself who had become possessed – as you can tell by her evil, glowy eyes.
She had the exact same skill set as me, but was admittedly much better at utilizing her tool kit than I was.
She took both my lives but thankfully I ended up the victor.

Honestly, the new Sacred Guardian Karma is probably one of my top 3 Karma’s to play as in KurtzPel.
Not only does it feel impactful, but I’ve always been a huge fan of girls wielding giant weapons like this in Anime.
The CC she can put out with her weapon in the form of stuns and slows is incredibly useful and I can forsee that being a game changer in PvP.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to try PvP out with the Karma because I played it during the closed beta so there were limited players playing at the time.
However from what I could tell having played against Lime herself, the CC provided me a lot of opportunity to deal an immense amount of damage.

Lime herself used attacks I didn’t know I had, and I’m still not sure I have, but I feel like with enough practice the Sacred Guardian could very well end up being my favorite melee Karma in-game.
It was a ton of fun playing, and I look forward to seeing how this functions in PvP when the Karma finally goes live.

And.. that was pretty much my experience with the Karma. It’s a lotta fun to play as, more fun in my opinion than the Greatsword.
But then again your enjoyment of the Karma is subjective, so do let me know what you guys think of it when you get to try it out.
I’m just glad I got to beat people up as a tiny girl with a giant hammer.

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