Taking Another Look at DAUNTLESS in 2019

Taking Another Look at DAUNTLESS in 2019

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I’ve covered Dauntless once in the past, all the way back in May 2018. Yeah, it’s really been almost 1 and a half years since I last logged into this game.
I don’t know how I went so long without doing a follow-up to it honestly, especially considering I enjoyed it my first time ’round.
But, since Dauntless is now available via the Epic Games Store and playable cross-platform between PC, PS4 and Xbox players I felt like it was the opportune time to take another look at the game.
So when I was reached out to to take a sponsored look at the game I was ecstatic.

You begin the game by designing your character.
There are a plethora of options to choose between that really allow you to capture exactly what you’re looking for in an avatar.

Then you’re thrown out of your ship, fall to your death, and ultimately end up fighting for your life against one of the worlds most dangerous monsters: A glowy echidna.
After somehow making it out of that alive and harvesting its body for parts to sell on the black market, you finish the tutorial and obtain the ability to begin your journey in the town of Ramsgate, Dauntless’ primary hub.
And yes, before I continue, the game is a hub-based action game just like the Monster Hunter games.
You take missions – both story-related and side-missions from the quest hub and you then set out via the mission board to complete them.
These often reward materials to craft unique weapons and armor with – something that you need to actually make it through the game alive.
Interestingly, something I found out after a little messing around, each set of weapon and armor have elemental affinities.
This means going up against a fire elemental Behemoth with an Ice weapon increases the damage you deal. But likewise, going up against a fire elemental Behemoth with Ice armor means you take increased damage.
So you need to prepare in advance, lest you end up dead.

The town itself is packed with players.
There are tons of different channels you can end up on – MrsStix and I actually ended up on different channels initially, but after I sent her an invite to party up, after returning from a mission we occupied the same instance.
So if you’re unable to see your squad members – don’t be too concerned. They’re there, you’re likely just occupying a separate instance to them. Which is an easy remedy.
You can party up with 3 other people, totaling a 4-man group to tackle Behemoth hunting – and one of the coolest aspects of partying is that it’s completely cross-platform.
I was partied up with my wife who plays on the PC beside me, and most of the missions we went on were with players playing on the PS4.
Speaking of cross-play, there’s actually cross-progression as well, meaning that you’re fully capable of beginning your journey on one platform, for this instance we’ll say the PS4, and then switch to a different platform like PC at a later date as long as you have a linked Epic Games account.
Theoretically, this means you can play Dauntless on your PC throughout the day, then when you’re tired or sore, you can retire to your bedroom and continue on whatever console you have there.
Well, almost any console. Currently, Dauntless is only available on PC, PS4 and Xbox as mentioned earlier.
However, the team behind the game are working on getting a fully functional version ready to launch on the Switch with an expected release date of December 2019, and once they’ve managed that, they’re looking to expand even further in 2020 onto mobile devices.
I don’t own an Xbox but I do own both a Switch and a PS4 so it’ll be interesting playing the game on both of them.. maybe, I guess, I can play the game on my PC while MrsStix plays the game in bed after a long day’s work at the hospital.
That way we’re both comfy when we play and we can continue playing together.

A lot of the game takes place around hunting Behemoth’s. If hunting giant monsters isn’t really your thing, then this might not be the game for you.
If you’re a fan of difficult encounters, if you enjoy fighting for your life against monstrously adorable wildlife, and if you like the thrill of working with other players to earn brand new sparkly loot.. then this is totally the game for you.
There are tons of Behemoth’s available to fight in-game with new monsters being added all the time through patches.
There are new areas added regularly and new armor and weapon types – actual, complete weapon types with their own unique combat style added over the course of the year as well.
I can’t recall off the top of my head exactly which weapon types were added recently but if I recall the news segment I did on the game a little while ago.. they were fist weapons?
Combat is pretty fast, it’s simple and easy to learn. Which is a plus for me because complex combat systems always leave me sitting here dumbfounded – wondering what I’m doing wrong.
But at the same time I’m not saying that it’s simple – as in there’s barely anything to do or any challenge to be had.
With timing of your dodges, making sure to use potions at the correct time, parrying and actually attacking Behemoth’s, you’ll find your hands very full.

Honestly, I found Dauntless a lotta fun the very first time I played it, all the way back in May 2018. I’m an idiot for not delving further into the game and I’d love to continue to.
The game is pretty damn unique – providing us a great alternative to the genre we’ve been so accustomed to being dominated by one specific game.
It has beautifully crafted worlds to run around and explore, it has giant boss encounters to engage in, and there are a ton of players playing the game.
Plus, when you look as good as my character does, you won’t wanna log out. Oh, speaking of, one final thing worth noting, is that the game offers this cool little Hunt Pass feature.
The Hunt Pass has some really awesome cosmetic items, emotes – like dances.. I mean seriously, look at me move. The Hunt Pass is worth it for that alone.
It also offers, outfits, and.. just so many cool little things. Nothing pay to win – just some cool things you can make use of on the side from what I could see.

And.. that’s Dauntless. The game currently has 15 million players and counting, and is celebrating its official launch with its 1.0 patch, having left Early Access on September 26th. So if you wanna play.. jump in and do it.

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