Taking A Look At Lineage II Classic’s First Week

Lineage II Classic Announcement

On October 3rd, earlier this week, NCSoft hit players with a huge nostalgia trip as they officially launched Lineage II Classic – providing players the opportunity to play Lineage II as it was back in 2003 – hardcore grinding, requiring a large party for every minor encounter – you get to relive the game before it became what it is today. While the game offered various launch packs with bonuses the game will remain completely free to play, however there are several tiered rewards for activating a subscription if the player wants. There will also be in-game cash shops for players to spend money on offering various cosmetics and other items.

Lineage II Classic Events

In light of this, NCSoft decided to run two in-game events to give players a slight boost as they begin their adventures. Although both of them ended on October 7th, NCSoft have stated that additional content and features will continue to be released steadily over the course of future updates.

Lineage II Classic Population

The population for the Classic servers have done so well that NCSoft was forced to actually open a third server in an attempt to circumvent some of the lag hitting the current servers, evening out at Medium-Heavy all round.

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