Perfect World Remake Release Date? A Brand New Cross-Platform MMORPG!

Perfect World Remake Release Date? A Brand New Cross-Platform MMORPG!

How many of you remember Perfect World International? I have fond memories of the game – I spent a lot of my childhood in there farming Twilight Temple for 6 hours a day so I could assert dominance over my fallen enemies in not only the open-world PvP but also the Territory Wars that took place every weekend.
Now it was just brought to my attention earlier this week that there is actually a brand new incarnation of the game in the works. And no, we’re not talking about Perfect World Mobile. This is a brand new MMORPG built to play cross-platform between both PC and consoles using Unreal Engine 4. No mobile compatibility at all.

Currently the MMO has two different titles: “Perfect World Remake,” and “Perfect World Console Version.” It was originally titled “Perfect World Console Version” when it was announced back in 2016, but as of 2020 has rebranded under the “Perfect World Remake” title.
A trailer was revealed for the game back towards the end of 2020 and was uploaded by the Archosaur Youtube channel so credit to him. If you’re interested in checking out the entire 5 minute video, I urge you to go check their channel out.
Currently, the MMO is slated for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox consoles – or at least it was when it was announced. With the recent pre-orders for PS5 and the new Xbox it’s uncertain if they’re going to shift their sights and focus to target the new consoles or not.
Nevertheless, the Perfect World Remake is going to be, in their words, “THE next-generation MMORPG.” Not “A next-generation MMORPG.” “THE!” That’s quite a bold statement to make and an even grander claim – with their inspiration for the game being closer to Black Desert Online and Blade & Soul.
Those are interesting titles to take inspiration from, right? They’re both horrendously pay-to-win but then if you take a moment to think about it.. Perfect World has always been heavily pay-to-win and this is a Chinese MMO, so.. stands to reason I guess.

Perfect World has always been known for its aerial combat and aerial exploration, and the brand new Perfect World title looks like it’s going to improve on that with new complex character motion, better character movement and control but most importantly – Perfect World is a tab-target MMO.
The remake however is not. The remake is actually going to be complete action – no tab-target at all.
When they said they were taking inspiration from Blade & Soul and Black Desert I never thought they were also referring to the combat, but here we are.
Granted both of the aforementioned MMOs have very different combat systems, but it’s worth noting that regardless of the combat type, they did state that combat won’t be mere “button mashing,” instead providing follow-up combo abilities that can only be utilized after specific combos have been achieved.
Honestly, from what I’ve seen of the combat it is kind of reminiscent of Blade & Soul and Vindictus. Seeing characters fly up in the air doing aerial combos, seeing the actual movement – the animation of each class is definitely very Vindictus-ish.

Perfect World was a large open-world MMO, allowing for players to freely explore the world almost without limitation.
This sense of freedom gave me what is by far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in the genre and is something I’ve wanted to see and feel again but has been pretty much absent the entire rest of my MMO career.
This remake has me a little uncertain of whether or not they’re going to have the same type of open-world or not. From what we can see in the trailers, they mostly show the characters in combat or exploring what seem to be dungeons.
I know Perfect World had plenty of dungeons, trust me, I do. But we don’t need the remake to be another instanced dungeon-crawler like Vindictus or Twilight Spirits. We have games like them already.

The developer behind the upcoming Perfect World Remake have quite a few other games in the works including a new Jade Dynasty, new Forsaken World and new Swordsman Online MMO all of which I figure I should probably cover as well over the next couple weeks.
If you guys recall, they actually shut down all 3 of the aforementioned MMOs over the last couple years.

Overall Perfect World Remake, which I hope is a title they reconsider as it just.. doesn’t really roll off the tongue like it should looks like it could be a very interesting title.
Does it look amazing? No. Not from the footage we’ve seen. Does it look good enough to be excited for? Definitely. The overhauls themselves warrant a sense of excitement as they’re bringing Perfect World into the next generation of gaming.

Perfect World Remake Release Date?

When is Perfect World Remake releasing? 2022, maybe later during 2023. 2021 would be too soon – information for the game has surfaced after 4 years of silence, so it looks to still be a ways off still.

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