Perfect World Mobile Introduces New Vulpine Class

Perfect World Mobile Introduces New Vulpine Class

I’ve talked about Perfect World in quite a few videos. Perfect World International was my 2nd MMO ever – I played it for years and it helped shape who I am today.
Then when Perfect World Mobile came out I didn’t think it’d really be possible to re-capture that feeling I had as a kid playing through its large world for the first time..
And while it is a different game, it left me with a strong feeling of nostalgia.
And I take it you guys enjoyed the videos I did on them as well considering the first video I did on it in August got almost 60,000 views and my follow-up one in September got almost 40,000.
So here I am again in November, having no lifed the game to max level.. okay that’s a bit of a lie.
The team behind the game actually sponsored this video by providing me with a max level character to try out the brand new Vulpine class.. which is Perfect World Mobile’s version of the Venomancer.

So the new Vulpine class..
Yeah, she’s adorable. It was one of the most popular classes in Perfect World International and has been one of the most anticipated races since Perfect World Mobile launched.
It’s understandable why – it’s both a race and class that has two separate forms – her Vulpine form and her Humanoid form. She’s also the only class that can tame companions to take into battle with you.
As has always been the case, Perfect World Mobile has absolutely beautiful character models and an incredibly detailed character creator, providing you the ability to create the little furry of your choice.
You got plenty of sliders to alter her face and most importantly.. you get to choose the adorable ears. Seriously. I think that’s probably what I’d spend most of my time on.
You also get to customize the fox form as well.. yup, you can be a chubby fox if you want.

So, I mentioned you have the ability to capture monsters and turn them into companions, right? Right. Those companions have their own abilities and types as well – something everyone that played International should know.
Any of you guys remember Hercules tanks or Phoenix’s in PvP? Yeah, Venomancer’s were a nightmare to fight, and I’m sure the Vulpine are going to absolutely wreck people in PvP as well. Not that that’s an issue for me.
Speaking of PvP, I figured I’d jump in and take the new Vulpine for a try. Granted, I was a little higher level than they were and I may have had slightly better gear.. but this was the test server.
They knew what they were getting into! Right, I probably should’ve lead with that. This entire playthrough of the game is done completely on the test-server. This is definitely not the live server.
You know when it launches onto the live servers it’s going to be absolutely packed with players running around as the new race and class. That’s always the case. And why wouldn’t you?
So on the topic of PvP.. because I got a little side tracked there, I jumped into The Pinnacle and took the Vulpine for a test-run, both in Humanoid form and in beast form.
I’ll admit, watching my character eat people alive as an adorable little fox was truly a marvel to behold. Honestly, I made short work of everyone I came across but again that’s ’cause I was pretty OP.

Speaking of the combat itself and how the Vulpine class functions, if you’d ever played Perfect World International, then it was pretty much as you’d expect.
You have two separate forms of attack: Your Humanoid form and your beast form.
Your Humanoid form takes on the role of a long-range mage, being able to hurl various types of elemental attacks at enemies from a safe distance.
She also possesses the ability to heal her companion – something you’re no doubt going to be required to do, lest it fall victim to an enemy and limit your ability to finish your enemies off.
Then you have your beast form, which interestingly is the complete opposite to the Humanoid form in so that while your Humanoid form utilizes magic, your beast form is a close-range melee type attacker.
Yup – so when morphing into your beast form you’ll be required to run in close-range to engage enemies. This makes the Vulpine a unique, very interesting hybrid of the two class-archetypes: Having the best of both worlds.
Your beast form has its own selection of skills to choose between as well, meaning that the type of enemy you’re engaged with will likely impact how you go about tackling the encounter.
This aids in captivating you, holding your attention and forcing you to think of the encounter you’re engaged with and how to best go about it.
While you’ll no doubt be capable of spamming your skills in the open-world using whatever form you want, dungeons are going to task you with swippy-swapping between the two forms if you want to best compliment your party.

Finally, I wanted to talk about one of the games’ newest additions: Marriage.
If you played Perfect World International, then this’ll come as no surprise to you, but Perfect World Mobile have already integrated marriage into the game.
To marry another player, you must be level 40 and have a friendship level of 1,000. Upon meeting those requirements, you can take a Stamp of Eternity – found in the cash shop to talk to an NPC to begin the marriage process.
There are varying methods of raising your friendship level ranging from just questing together, to purchasing items from the cash shop itself.
Yup. So technically you start off as friends and then end up marrying your best friend.. just like Mrs Stix and I.
Speaking of, if you’re interested in coming to our wedding ceremony in-game then be sure to click that link below and join us! Since we play this on and off this’ll be the perfect opportunity to have people attend one!

And.. there we are.
Perfect World Mobile is an incredibly fun game. It’s beautiful – astonishingly so. Its character models are some of the best in a mobile game and man the nostalgia I get every time I boot up this game is unreal.
I never thought I’d be playing Perfect World – let alone Perfect World Mobile on and off in 2019 – seriously, if you’d told me this would be the case I’d accuse you of lying. Or being an idiot. Either/or.
Because honestly before it released I didn’t even know it was a thing!
So here I am getting the opportunity to live out my childhood playing one of the MMOs that started it all for me, but this time I get to share it with my wife, and with my fans.
The new Vulpine class is an absolute blast, man. Probably the most innovative and most engaging class in-game thus far.
I look forward to leveling as one and can’t wait to see some of the characters people no doubt create.

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