NosTale Game Review

  • Gameplay
  • Combat
  • Graphics
  • PvP/PvE
  • Story

Alternate Title: NosTale Vendetta
Developer: VendettaGN
Publisher: VendettaGN
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC
PvP: PvP Arenas
PvE: Dungeons, Raids

NosTale Review - Is It Worth Playing?

Now, I’ve done a few private servers recently.. partly because so many MMOs have shut down and private servers are the only way we can play them, and partly because they’re often more populated than the official server alternatives.
Being a fan of Anime MMOs I opted to try out this little beauty called NosTale Vendetta.
I’ve never really touch NosTale. I tried it a year ago and honestly.. it was more difficult than I would’ve liked so I opted out of it.
However I was told that the population in NosTale Vendetta was ridiculously large and that I’d be missing out if I didn’t try it out for at least a few hours.


You begin with an adorable little introduction to the game. With puppies, and.. me? And even an angry puppy. The puppies are apparently at war with one another. And I, the Human, naturally, have to bring peace to a woof-torn world.

You guys weren’t kidding when you said this game was packed, though!

So I may have went ahead and purchased a mount to make things a little easier.. because I walk like an old lady. And the mount speed is significantly faster than the base character walk speed.

What I’d come to learn in my first 30 minutes of playing is that quests don’t give me all that much XP, but killing monsters levels me quite rapidly.
At least, at low levels. I’m sure this won’t apply as I get higher.

    It looks as though the game has two forms of play:

  • A) the overworld, outdoor areas that seem to be “run around and kill shit with other people” and
  • B) dungeons.. no, instances. I think they’re instances? They feel like instances. You connect with a floating rock, teleporting you into an instanced off area filled with monsters.

You progress through a variety of rooms by completing various objectives ranging from killing monsters, disarming traps, helping NPCs that’re trapped or dying, and beating mini bosses.
So realistically, I’m not sure what to even refer to the game as. It’s.. a very unique kinda game.

For real though, from what I’ve been able to gather from various statistics, the official NosTale servers average a few hundred players whereas NosTale Vendetta, the private server I’m playing on averages thousands. This is just the beginning town – the first area, and it is beyond packed! Plus.. the game is perhaps one of the most adorable little chibi-Anime inspired I’ve ever seen in my life.
And I’ve played through quite a few Anime MMO.

So from what I’m able to gather after almost an hour in-game is that the creators of NosTale had some issues. Like, some deep rooted issues, having you murder adorable little monster after adorable little monster.
And it’s all part of the story as well – which seems to be quite prevalent in this game. Everything I’ve been doing has been story-related.
Instances? Required for the story. Monster-hunting? Required for the story. The enslavement of all the adorable little creatures of the world? .. okay, that may be a personal thing. Also, I believe I got my own personal housing area? Hell yeah, I love housing systems in games!
You may not know this about me but I’m a huge fan of the Sims and building their houses is one of my favorite things to do. Like, seriously. So player housing is a huge positive for me.

So after having entered and completed multiple instances over the course of the first 2 hours, I’d finally gotten an instance that had me work alongside an NPC ally.
Sure, he didn’t seem all that useful – my faithful chicken companion and I pretty much wrecked everything in our path but nevertheless I’ve come to realize that you get NPC party members for various quests as well.
I’m not sure why he was necessary as I feel like I could’ve just partied with some other players, and that would’ve made for an easier experience but y’know what? He did alright.

So I found out that upon reaching level 20 I become eligible for a class change.
There are various classes you can choose between – I personally opted for archer because I believed I’d have very poor mana management as a mage, and I’d die too fast as a melee class.
I deeply regretted this choice because apparently you have very limited ammo – of which you are required to purchase to keep shooting. Which isn’t an issue, honestly, I love when classes make you micromanage things like ammo. I just didn’t expect it and that caught me off guard, leaving me like this.. meleeing monsters with my little dagger, because I was unable to shoot them.
I mean if it were me honestly, I woulda just beat them with my bow but I guess a dagger works well as well. After trying for a solid 15 minutes to figure out how to get ammo I decided to ask in chat. I got a response from over 20 different people telling me how to get ammo and that was probably the most surprising thing I’d come across yet. The game and the playerbase both are not only packed with players and life, but filled with players willing to help one another out. I was left shocked by the sheer amount of people willing to assist me.
As an example, a player named Gian traded me over a million gold just so I could stock up on a thousand arrows and then proceeded to guide me through various mechanics the game offered.
So shout out to this dude – he saved me from having to melee everything as an archer.

Alright. So after having played for several hours, and making it all the way to 26, I feel like I can give a final little opinion on the game.
NosTale Vendetta is an adorable, high population, click-to-target MMORPG.
The combat’s pretty unique, the community is incredibly friendly, the playerbase is brimming with activity.
Although it may not be everyone’s cup ‘o tea, the game itself is very well done, and the private server is by far faster and easier to progress on than the official NosTale servers.
I would recommend anyone that loves Anime MMOs, anyone that wants an MMO with a friendly community, or anyone with a love of these kinds of MMOs to check this out. Once again, the download will be both in the description and pinned comment.

Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium 3 500 MHz
Video Card: ATI Radeon 7000 / NVIDIA RIVA TNT2
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB