New Arc Line | DreamGate Games’ Brand New Top-Down Isometric RPG

New Arc Line | DreamGate Games' Brand New Top-Down Isometric RPG

Fans of Lost Ark, Path of Exile, and the Baldur’s Gate games are in for quite the treat as DreamGate Games are bringing us a stunning brand new amalgamation of magic and steampunk in the form of New Arc Line. You’re gonna wanna take a seat for this.

I’m a fan of Baldur’s Gate. Neverwinter Nights. Top-down isometric RPGs were part of my childhood. I spent thousands of hours, pouring all of my time and effort into top-down isometric western RPGs, and JRPGs.
So whenever I see new games announced – like Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity, New Arc Line, I feel the need to cover them. And then subsequently play them whenever they release.
New Arc Line caught my eye after one of the people I follow over on Twitter liked a Tweet they made. I saw some gameplay, and was immediately intrigued.
According to the official website, New Arc Line is a story-rich party-based RPG set during the Gilded Age of Magic and Technology.

The story is set on the brink of the 20th century, featuring a fantasy world undergoing a technological revolution. There are a variety of races living together in harmony, million of players in total, immigrants, mages, technologists, all looking for a better life.
Beneath the social facade, social tensions are mounting, segregation, inequality and corruption are running rampant. And a civil war is looming on the horizon.
You – me – a single immigrant might possess the ability to tip the balance of the world, and ultimately decide and shape it. For better or worse.

And without even seeing gameplay, that limited, yet captivating information has me more interested in it than I have been in any MMO announced all last year.

New Arc Line is an ambitious new project. It has the innate potential to be an incredible new RPG, filled with depth, filled with personality.
It looks promising. Has decent quality graphics. A dev team that genuinely seem passionate about their game. Lots of grandiose ideas. Yet there is still a lot left unknown.
They’ve confirmed they’re working towards getting their Steam page up and functional, but when do they plan on releasing? Are they holding Beta tests? Is there an Early Access planned? Will it require a premium purchase, or instead launch as a free title with in-game microtransactions?
I guess I’ll be keeping an eye on the game, and if this seems like something you’d be interested in, you should too.

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