Neople are Hiring for Project BBQ and Dungeon & Fighter Overkill

Neople are Hiring for Project BBQ and Dungeon & Fighter Overkill

I know a lot of you guys are eagerly anticipating playing the upcoming Project BBQ MMO from Neople. I’ve discussed it repeatedly over the last couple years and it genuinely looks like it could be one of the best Anime inspired action MMOs to hit the market. Yet the developers have been very, very quiet with regards to the game and its development progress until recently.

It turns out, according to the official website Neople are currently in the process of hiring. They’re looking specifically for people that have experience with “action online game development.”
While that isn’t really much in terms of a reveal, it’s refreshing to learn that they’re in the process of hiring new staff to continue the development of the game. Well, not just one game.


For those of you that were unaware, they’re actually in the process of developing 4 games based on the Dungeon Fighter IP at present. Project BBQ – a 3D Anime MMORPG. Dungeon & Fighter Overkill, a side-scrolling online action RPG like Dungeon Fighter Online. Dunfeon Fighter Duel, a traditional fighting game, and finally Dungeon Fighter Mobile.. a mobile game.

I’ll be covering this in more detail as more information is made readily available to us, but until then, it’s promising to see that they’re hiring new talent to hopefully finish the game(s).

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