MMORPG News: Peria Chronicles, Crowfall, Pagan Online, Guardians of Ember

Peria Chronicles, Crowfall, Pagan Online, Guardians of Ember, Ashes of Creation, Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

If you thought Ashes of Creation focusing on the Apocalypse Battle Royale or Black Desert Online announcing their Shadow Arena Battle Royale were both exciting – then you’ll love this.
Blade & Soul is announcing their very own Shattered Isles Battle Royale as part of their Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan event. For everyone else that hates Battle Royale’s or having Battle Royale’s in MMOs.. this is only the beginning.
Blade & Soul’s update specifically increases the level cap up to level 60, introduces the new Lyn Warden at last, and adds in new class specializations.
So, lots to see and lots to do. My wife MrsStix and I are leveling through Blade & Soul to do a full review on the game up to this expansion in the next month or two. So get ready!
Quick note, if you want to see what the new Blade & Soul Mobile games are like, make sure you subscribe to our mobile channel MMOByte Mobile. We’ll have gameplay of it up as soon as it’s available!

Pagan Online

I’d covered Pagan Online once in the past when I made note of their server issues that all but shuttered their alpha test.
However, the team behind Pagan have made it clear that they are still very hard at work making all necessary adjustments and taking precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future, going on to say that the game is still slated to launch later this year.
Cool. Especially since we need an alternative to Diablo.


Aion has a large new content patch coming on March 27th titled “Ereshkigal’s Wrath” – I hate that name, by the way, really difficult to pronounce. The update will bring with it new skills, transformations, instances and more.
Which would be pretty awesome and all if not for the fact that the game is in a constant state of decline. I mean just log in to the game and ask anyone how many issues there are with it.

Guardians of Ember

If you’re into failed MMOs relaunching, then you’ll love this. Gameforge, the team behind the upcoming re-release of Guardians of Ember have announced that it’s heading into open beta next week. And guess who’s gonna be there to do a video on it?
This guy! This guy right here! Players that played during the closed beta are being rewarded with special items for their service in testing the game out prior to its release.

Bless Unleashed

For those of you excited about Bless Unleashed, yes, all three of you, then you’ll no doubt revel in the news that the game is releasing this year.
In light of this, Bandai Namco have actually went ahead and showcased the various classes that’ll be playable when the game goes live.
Bandai Namco have neglected to mention Neowiz in any press blast since the initial negative reaction from fans, and this one was no different.
Meanwhile, back in Bless Online, people have shown growing doubt that Neowiz will fulfill their obligation to release the Mystic class as they had promised many a moon ago.
But.. what can you do. It’s what we get for trusting the company that failed their players several times in the past.
But hey, at least we have this on Xbox One now.


This one is.. kind of relevant? But at the same time.. Well, y’know what, doesn’t matter at this point.
Blizzard, the company behind Diablo, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and more have filed a new trademark on the Diablo name for “downloadable films and movies featuring narratives based on a video game and provided via a video-on-demand service.”
What does that jargon mean? That Blizzard have plans on adapting the Diablo franchise into either a movie or TV series.
Last year there were rumors about a potential Diablo TV series when Andrew Cosby, known for 2 Guns and the recent Hellboy movie Tweeted that he was in talks to be the showrunner for the series. He swiftly deleted that Tweet, but here we are, a year later.
If we’re lucky, we’ll actually be able to stream this from our phones. You know, ’cause we all have them.


In RIFT news, Gamigo, the publisher that recently purchased rights to the game from Trion have announced that they are shutting down the RIFT Prime servers before they were even able to complete the full classic-server run.
Under Trion, RIFT made it through the very first of its three expansions, with plans of allowing players to continue to play through the game and each of its expansions slowly over time, similarly to how players did back when it launched.
But Gamigo being Gamigo.. yeah, nope. They gave a big middle finger to players paying to play the progression server as their small team isn’t capable of maintaining both the live RIFT and the Prime servers. Prime servers will shut down on March 31st.
I mean.. honestly, what did you expect though? Gamigo is an MMO graveyard. I wonder how long ArcheAge will last? Thank God for the ArcheRage private server.

Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria’s new community manager, Liz, has posted a large community update covering various things they’ve been hard at work on.
Major points of interest are: “reimagining of the death system, a new look at mounts, and changes to monster AI, coming soon to the Experimental Server.”
We’ll actually go ahead and include a link to the post in question that goes over the crafting, PvP, PvE, class, guild war and faction related features being worked on.
The testing server is expected to go live “soon”. Also worth noting is that the studio is hiring! If you want to contribute, then this might be your chance!

Path of Exile

PS4 gamers shall be shafted no longer! Path of Exile has an official arrival date for the PlayStation 4! March 26th. Not much in the way of details have been provided but this is good news! Mark your calender!

Outlaws of the Old West

I had no idea this was a thing until it was brought to my attention, honestly. Nevertheless, Snail Games, the people that ruined Dark & Light, Age of Wushu and Black Gold Online have launched their newest cash grab- I mean, title onto Steam.
Outlaws of the Old West has launched into Early Access to very mixed reviews. Because you know what? It’s buggy. Almost broken to the point of being unplayable.
But what did people expect? Instead of purchasing Early Access games then refunding the game and leaving a negative comment, let the company finish the game and release it.
Regardless, Outlaws of the Old West describes itself as a “massively multiplayer survival MMO” that offers players a “huge world, thousands of items, and a modular building system.”
It’s like Ark, Rust, Atlas and all the other survival games.. but with cowboys.


I don’t know how many times this game has been delayed, but after what seemed like an eternity, the team behind Crowfall are certain that they will be able to launch the game this year.
Yes, for fans of the Kickstarter-backed PvP MMORPG, this might be the year for you!

Ashes of Creation

So my last news video was filled with people asking when I was going to cover Ashes of Creation next.
Well, here we are. Last week, the team behind Ashes of Creation released quite a large Director’s Letter – via Discord, mind you.
Not social media – no updates through Twitter, no updates through Facebook.
In it they go on to state that they are still hard at work on the MMORPG – however, they are being forced to push back the release date for Alpha One to an.. undisclosed date.
However, and I quote here directly from Steven himself, in the meantime, they will be focused on fixing the backend, performance, optimization, and.. their continued efforts on modes like the Apocalypse Battle Royale.
It has also been almost 3 months now since their official forums went down with no word about when or even if it’ll come back, so other than Reddit, there is no real way of voicing displeasure with the situation we’re currently in.
It’s perfectly fine to have faith that we’ll still get the MMORPG but let’s be real here.. they announced that the Alpha One Phase 1 – which we now know is Apocalypse, was just a test for the MMO.
They went back on that pretty fast – turning the game into a complete standalone title and monetizing it via a cash shop. But, hey, according to Steven and the team.. it’s still all for testing purposes.
I’m sure I’ll get hate for talking about it in a negative light, but I’ve been calling this shit for a while now and more of the playerbase is catching on to how apparent their bullshit is and how important the Battle Royale is to them.

Peria Chronicles

We’ve all been waiting on news for Peria Chronicles. Legit, I don’t remember the last time we got anything in the way of information but finally, the wait is over… or I’d love to say that the wait is over.
Nexon recently previewed all of their games rolling out over the course of the year, and while they were all mobile titles.. there was one little interesting tidbit.
When Nexon were asked about Peria Chronicles, and other PC titles all together, Nexon replied that it might have an update to give on the 2nd or 3rd Special Day event in the future.
While this is in no way a confirmation that we’ll receive Peria Chronicles news at the aforementioned time, Nexon are definitely doing a good job of teasing it.
So it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer, but at least we have hope that they’ll shower us with news pertaining to its release!

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