Kritika: REBOOT’s New Class is a Lot of Fun!

Kritika: REBOOT's New Class is a Lot of Fun!

It’s been almost half a year since ALLM brought Kritika Online back to the West and since I did my last video on the game.
I was ecstatic when they did – this was one of the few games I did videos for pretty regularly back before En Masse acquired rights to it and chose to publish it within North America.
In my last video I went ahead and talked about the re-released version titled Kritika: REBOOT, the changes that were happening, and how I was glad ALLM had opted to self-publish the game.
This would of course give them more creative control over the global version of the game, without a publisher acting as an intermediary.

Now I’ve expressed how much I enjoy this game on many occasions – but imagine my surprise when I was approached after having finished my last Kritika video to take a sponsored look at the new upcoming Blader class.
I’d be crazy to turn down the opportunity to not only try the new class out, but to also record and push out content on it for players to consume ahead of time, right?

So before doing anything, naturally I headed straight into character creation. And my god did I enjoy what I could do with her. Like, take a look at this – does she not look just like Harley Quinn from the new Birds of Prey movie? Huh? Right?
Yeah. That’s how good I am at character customization.

So the Blade, or the Blade Dancer after her class change is an aerial sword-wielding badass.
She’s one of the most mobile classes I’ve ever played, with some of my skills literally teleporting me all around the field, flying me up into the air, raining down a barrage of hellfire from above, then behind whoever’s left down below, staring at the sheer death and destruction now surrounding them.
Okay, maybe that was a little extra, but seriously, her attacks are actually ridiculous looking. I’ve always said the game looked good and have always been of the opinion that the skill effects and animations were fantastic considering when this game was made, but this was next-level.

This class is the very first class to be introduced since the game underwent their rebrand. This class isn’t available globally at present, which is why you see the entirety of the game in Korean.
Honestly, I needed to use a Google Translate app on my phone to really tell what was going on, but after a few minutes in-game I remembered what did what and didn’t have any additional issues.

Honestly, this new class, this new character – since yes all classes in Kritika are gender locked, is one of the reasons I’m glad ALLM are self-publishing their game over here now.
Not only do we not have to wait for a North American publisher to go back and forth with the South Korean developer before finally releasing content months, if not years after the official version, but I get to work directly with the developers themselves.
Keeping an MMO – or, heck, any game alive is impossible without the addition of new content.
Sure, you can have players repeat, replay the same content if there are differing routes, varying levels of content to choose between, but to keep the playerbase growing you need to provide them new content to play through.
This can be story-content, new areas to explore, new dungeons or raids to run, or new classes to play and learn from scratch. New classes provide a reason to replay older content, as you get to slowly grow and learn your character.

I typically play as Mages in MMOs because I love magic. I played through the scythe-wielding Reaper initially because I mean, looking at her, why wouldn’t you want to play with her? I mean, play as her.
Okay, Mrs Stix is glaring at me now. I’m half tempted to edit this out but in case I don’t make it past today I’d like this here as record of how I mysteriously disappeared.
Jokes aside, playing as this new class was actually really damn fun. By far the most enjoyable class I’ve gotten to play in Kritika, or even in the rebranded Kritika: REBOOT.
This is the class I’ll definitely main going forward, at least until something more fun comes out. Which, hopefully is in the latter quarter of 2020, but who knows what the future holds!

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