Kakao Games Has Lost Black Desert Online – Pearl Abyss is Taking Over!

Kakao Games Has Lost Black Desert Online - Pearl Abyss is Taking Over!

Kakao Games has been publishing Black Desert Online in the West for years now, bringing the game to the attention of many a player. Millions of players have tried their hands at the popular MMO, with BDO still managing to pull in enough active players to be considered one of the more popular MMOs still available on the market to date.

But this.. this I never saw coming. After years of working together, it turns out Pearl Abyss is taking control over the publishing of the game within North America, Europe and.. pretty much everywhere else in the world. This is due to the sheer amount of success the company has had – which is in no small part due to Black Desert.

Players are excited for this news as Kakao has been disliked by the general BDO playerbase since the game’s inception, in many a players’ words, “making the game progressively more pay to win” as time has gone by. Pearl Abyss very well might be equally as bad – or – god forbid, worse. But on the other hand they could potentially make the game significantly better. At the very least, they’ll have direct control over the game as opposed to Kakao who had no real creative control over anything. If players ran into issues, they would bring it up with Kakao, who would then take these issues to Pearl Abyss, who would then proceed to fix it, let Kakao know, and Kakao would deploy said fix. This way, players have the potential to have direct contact–support with the developers.

Overall, this could spell disaster for the game, or it could be for the game’s best interests. Only time will tell. I’m excited to see where this ultimately ends up going.

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    Pablo Rivera Reply
    Jan 16, 2021 @ 5:05 am

    Does this includes the PS4 version of Black Desert, which is just called “Black Desert” because that’s the one that I currently have and, when it is loading, it actually says Pearl Abyss. I doesn’t mention Kakao games anywhere.

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    Hendrik Reply
    Jan 29, 2021 @ 17:12 pm

    I want to transfer but by the last steam sign up it says ‘an error has occurred, please try again later”, can’t get past it

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    Blah blah Reply
    Feb 17, 2021 @ 4:40 am

    Basically pearl couldn’t afford to get this game going at the start and now it’s cashing in from robbing money in anyway possible for what is defo the worst mmo out there it can now afford to run itself so the greedy owner who is now a billionair from this game who had nothing at the start can get even more rich from this bad ptw mmo ..

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