It’s no Wonder Last Cloudia is One of 2019’s Most Played JRPGs.

It's no Wonder Last Cloudia is One of 2019's Most Played JRPGs.

I’m not a huge fan of mobile games, most people that have watched me for the last couple years can attest to that.
However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few out there that are tiny little diamonds in the rough.
Last Cloudia is one such game – it’s a very, very attractive RPG with a deep, rich story and compelling characters.
I’ve been playing for the last 2 days and can safely say that out of all the mobile games I’ve played, this falls into my top 3 favorite.
Before I go any further though, I would like to point out that this play-through is sponsored, but all opinions about the game are completely my own. I don’t take sponsorhips from games I don’t enjoy personally.
If anything I talk about, or even the beautiful pixel-art graphical style appeal to you, go ahead and use my link in the description and pinned comment to navigate to the game and download it to try out yourself!

Like I stated, Last Cloudia is a very story-driven game. You start off with a beautiful cutscene, introducing you to the main cast of characters.
We proceed to board an enemy ship to save a cute girl – I mean let’s be real here, what additional motivation do we even need? Cute girl is in danger? Point me in her direction.
We fight some bad guys, end up going up against what can only be described as.. uhh, a.. goat with boobs riding atop the skull of much larger goat with.. wings.
I think that’s an accurate description of the monstrosity I’m looking at right now.
After being defeated in battle – which I really shouldn’t have been. I was winning that fight and I’ll be damned if I accept that defeat, you wind up on the beach below what is likely the remnants of the enemy ship.
And so begins the game…

The game features an over-world, with various regions you can access by hovering over and clicking them.
This opens up a selection of different missions currently available and even missions you’ve completed.
And that’s pretty much how the story progresses – You unlock new areas with an expansion to the story, new enemies to do battle with, and new features.

But playing through the game would suck if the combat weren’t at least semi-entertaining, right?
I’ve played through tons of mobile games that auto-play everything for you: This meant that I literally had no purpose other than to click the “next” button on quest text. Last Cloudia is very different.
How many of you guys are Tales of fans? You know, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia? Well way back, waaaay back when Tales of Phantasia was a thing they used to use a form of semi-automatic combat.. if I recall.
I don’t know if they changed it when they re-released the game on the Gameboy Advance but when I played it, your characters would run around automatically during combat and you’d use skills and items from a drop down menu.
That’s exactly what Last Cloudia does, and it brings back a lotta memories. My characters are running all over the screen doing their own thing, fighting their own enemy.
I have a small UI down the bottom of the screen that shows me – essentially – the cooldowns on my skills before I’m capable of using them again.
You can learn different skills, and even boost your stats for that matter from a grid of options. This allows you to build your character however you like – and provides quite a bit of customization. More than I was expecting.
What’s more, the skill effects and animations were fantastic. But then again it is a JRPG – I’ve come to realize that JRPGs seem to commonly feature very high quality animations.

Last Cloudia is definitely a AAA mobile JRPG. You can tell that the people behind this game put a lot of thought and a lot of effort into it.
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the publishers did as well because the English localization is perfect.
It’s evident that a lot of inspiration was taken from older JRPGs on consoles like Star Ocean, Xenogear or even the older Final Fantasy games.
I feel like this is what a modern version of one of those titles would feel like – with the exception being the pixel-art graphical style.
But it’s so beautiful that I can’t say anything but positive things about it. I guess my only real gripe with this game is that fact that it’s played vertically as opposed to horizontally, which to me is a little weird.
I’m used to flipping my phone horizontally when playing phone games.
Overall, a game that has graphics of this caliber, a game that is fully voice acted in English, has a deep engrossing storyline and lots of customization is a must play for any fan of JRPGs, especially if you’re itching for one on mobile devices.

Again, if you’re looking to play Last Cloudia – then you can go ahead and use my link in the description to download and play the game.
It’s really worth trying if you haven’t already.

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