Guild Wars 2 – Taking a Look at the MMORPG in 2020

Guild Wars 2 - Taking a Look at the MMORPG in 2020

I’m no stranger to Guild Wars 2. I streamed it what, 3 years ago? 4 years ago back when I started this channel. But I hadn’t touched it since. Until the last month, that is, when Mrs Stix and I decided y’know what? It’s time we jump into it and see how it’s holding up in 2020, going into 2021.
So we began streaming it on Twitch every weekend and we’ve been having an absolute blast so far.
We haven’t had this much fun leveling in an MMO since Final Fantasy XIV, and we’d like to share our experiences with you guys… so let’s do this.

We’ve made it to level 30 so far in Guild Wars 2, and are about to begin running dungeons. Granted, presently we have yet to unlock quite a few features. Gliding, mounts and a lot of end-game features escape us en route to the expansion content, but we’re making steady progress every week towards our goal.
Guild Wars 2 is an incredibly fun journey, providing many opportunities for players to not only work together with one another in scaled content, but also to foster a sense of camaraderie.
The game world utilizes segregated zones, featuring miles and miles of content to explore in each zone – filled with various types of quests, encounters, boss fights, dungeons and jumping puzzles, which are the bane of our existence.
Yes, we really, really suck at jumping puzzles, and have to have a Mesmer follow us around at all times. Lest we never finish one. Or, Mrs Stix does. I’m not terrible, but she is. Although don’t let her know I said that as.. well I’ll be sleeping on the guest bed tonight.
We’re still getting used to the game, coming from years in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a very different beast and we both look forward to spending additional time exploring, leveling and making progress through the world of Tyria.
Hopefully you guys will continue to support us in our journey forward as we continue to not only stream, but do follow-up videos on Guild Wars 2. We’d love to have you!

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