Guardian Tales is One of the Most Enjoyable Mobile RPGs of 2020.

Guardian Tales is One of the Most Enjoyable Mobile RPGs of 2020.

I’m gonna take a moment before jumping into this video to state that rarely do I find myself in a situation where I can just lie back in bed and play a game on my phone.
I mean granted, that’s partly due to the fact that I get sore arms holding my phone in the air. But it’s also because there just aren’t very many mobile games out there than can hold my attention.
So when playing through Guardian Tales for the first time, I’ll admit – I was taken a little aback by how entertaining not only the gameplay was, but how much fun the actual story was.

So, Guardian Tales. An RPG that vastly exceeded my expectations – that’s what this is.
When playing the game for the first time, I figured it would be more or less the same as your average Mobile RPG. And while core mechanics are – the Chapter-based progression system, there’s a lot more to the game that really makes it a unique gem that is highly worth investing time into.
You have Chapters – which is the normal form of progression found in Mobile RPGs. Each Chapter has a variety of Missions you can unlock, and even more side-missions that unlock outfits, new characters and epic gear.
Then you have the Tower, which provides plenty of bonuses: EXP, Gold, even Awakening Stones. There’s plenty to be earned here, and it doesn’t take much time to move through.
Then there’s the Colosseum, and- there’s just a whole lot to do.
But the game really shines in three areas in my opinion: Its crazy, highly humorous story, its gameplay and its world.

First, its story. The story is deep – but it doesn’t take itself seriously at all. We’re on the run from a crazy demonic.. thing and trying to save the kingdom, along with its royalty from being murdered. Horrendously.
Along the way we meet a plethora of unique characters, each with their own whacky personalities. Some of which actually share striking resemblances to popular characters in other gaming franchises. Like this little dude in red tights that is looking for the “Master blade” we happen to accidently destroy.
It’s cute little gags like that that really make me enjoy not only the actual story in Guardian Tales, but also all of the side content as well.
It’s quirky, and it doesn’t even try to take itself seriously. Not all games need to be grim, dark and emo. Sometimes it’s good to just sit here and get a good chuckle outta what you’re playing.

Then its gameplay: This is an Action RPG. Where most Mobile RPGs have you click a Mission on the map, then send you into a fight with 3 waves of enemies, in Guardian Tales you actually go directly into each zone and have full control over your character.
You possess the ability to freely traverse every inch of the map, fighting enemies, searching for treasure, meeting new characters and most importantly: actually engaging in the content you’re playing through.
Yes, not only are you capable of moving around in-game, but there’s also no auto-play at all. You’re required to move around on your own, fight on your own. Everything requires active participation – this is no auto-play game and that’s one of the things I enjoy the most about it.
I hate having games–mobile games especially, require little to no interaction from me, so seeing there’s a need to actually play this game left a very good impression on me.
And the combat is pretty damn good. Not only are you capable of taking several different characters with you into each Mission, but each character has their own abilities, their own weapons they’re capable of equipping.
Likewise, we’re also capable of equipping a variety of different weapons. When I started I used a long sword. After a while I swapped to a bow and arrow, then to a cannon, then fist weapons, then some type of gladius.
The diversity in gameplay was actually quite surprising to me, with each weapon having their own unique abilities and playstyles. Ranged weapons required I keep my distance where close-range melee required I run in close and smack things ’til they died.

I’d speak a little on the “world,” but at the same time I feel as though I kinda covered it above when talking about the gameplay.

Guardian Tales is a very high quality RPG. It’s a huge throwback to A Link to the Past – a game I have a very long history with and I couldn’t be happier to see gameplay elements from a franchise I enjoy as much as I do.
Heck, I couldn’t be happier seeing all these little cameos–these easter eggs scattered around the world. They leave me making certain I’ve covered everything I can as to not miss anything. And that’s a first for me in a mobile game.
Truly, I had a very unique experience playing through Guardian Tales and I cannot stress how much fun this game is – especially if you’re a fan of mobile games. You probably won’t find many that have as compelling of a story, that have as entertaining gameplay.
This is a gem in a sea of mediocrity.

But don’t take my word for it. If this sounds – or looks, even, like something you’d be interested in, then why not go ahead and download it and give it a go? You can click that link in the description and pinned comment to be taken directly to the game.
Worst case scenario? It isn’t your kinda game. But if this piques your interest even a little – then you’ll probably find some fun with it. So go ahead.

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