Grand Chase Classic: KOG Games is Bringing Grand Chase Back!

Grand Chase Classic: KOG Games is Bringing Grand Chase Back!

In light of all the recent “Classic” incarnations of MMORPGs (WoW Classic, Lineage 2 Classic, Aion Classic,) KOG Games have revealed their plans for a “Grand Chase Classic” next month.

KOG Games just opened a brand new Steam page for an MMO they shut down many years ago: Grand Chase. Grand Chase is a side-scrolling action MMO much like Closers Online, MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online. According to the Steam page, KOG are in the process of recruiting “Global CBT Testers.” The pre-registration process begins on 06/30/2021 and lasts until 07/06/2021. Joining the Closed Beta is as easy as navigating on over to the official Steam page and clicking “Request Access.” Successful participants will be picked some time in “July 2021.” It is unconfirmed currently when in July that will be, however. Just keep an eye on your email, as you’ll be sent a confirmation via Steam if you’re selected.

It’s unconfirmed when Grand Chase will officially launch, but given this is more or less a “relaunch” of a game that already existed in the past, I wouldn’t expect there to be too much difficulty over the course of the test period.

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