Eden Eternal is Shutting Down on April 29th, 2021.

Eden Eternal is Shutting Down on April 29th, 2021.

I’ve been an avid player of Eden Eternal for years. It was one of the first Anime MMORPGs that I ever played, and was part of my introduction to the entire MMO genre. With that statement comes some very somber news. The Anime MMORPG that Aeria Games published for years – and to great success mind you – is officially shutting down.

Yes, I’m being 100% honest. And trust me, this news is still a little surreal to me to be admitting, but Gamigo, who acquired rights to publish the game after Aeria Games went under is completely shutting the game down. This means that there will be no official version of the game to play henceforth.
According to Gamigo, the game will cease all operations on “April 29th, 2021.” The reasoning Gamigo gave for this is “due to the game no longer bringing in any profit.” Yup, there we have it. Eden Eternal ceased to provide really any profit and as such they’re axeing it. You know what? In my opinion, if they’d cared more about growing the game than keeping it in maintenance mode and milking it for every cent they have, this might not have been quite the issue.

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