Crystal of Atlan is a Brand New 2022 Anime MMO

Crystal of Atlan is a Brand New 2022 Anime MMO

I’m not often impressed when looking at trailer for MMORPGs – Anime MMOs especially, but I’ll be the first to admit that the trailer for Crystal of Atlan actually looks pretty good.

Very little is known about Crystal of Atlan presently, but the Taptap synopsis lists this as a steampunk game set in a time where magic and machinery play together. We take on the role of an adventurer who uses both magic and weapons to fight, we’ll explore ancient ruins – in what form is currently unconfirmed. Dungeons? Raids? In the trailer we’re shown to be grouped with multiple other players simultaneously attacking what looks to be a boss monster, so it looks like fairly large-sized groups are possible. Which means group content is definitely going to be present within the game.

Crystal of Atlan looks to be a type of MMO – but whether it will be of the scale of titles like Final Fantasy XIV remain to be seen. It might feature smaller-scale content like PSO2 of SoulWorker, but in a larger, more open world.

The game looks to employ a type of action combat with very flashy abilities, but as the UI wasn’t present in the trailer it’s not possible to accurately gauge the type of combat system this will fully utilize, as at present, the game looks like it’ll be targeting a cross-platform audience.

Crystal of Atlan looks like it could definitely be competition for both Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy in the future. It’s unconfirmed what type of game this will ultimately end up being, but regardless, I’m excited to see development continue and evolve.

Crystal of Atlan Pre-Registration

Pre-registering for Crystal of Atlan is easy. Simply navigate on over to the Taptap website, and select your platform. Currently, much like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy initially, it seems as though Crystal of Atlan’s first test phase is exclusively for mobile devices.

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    Phevama Reply
    Sep 10, 2021 @ 15:11 pm

    I really like what I seen so far I can’t wait to experience and document it on my channel.

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    Gamer Reply
    Jan 11, 2022 @ 2:32 am

    This game looks amazing and have everything to fight with Genshin but need a PC version or just be compatible with BlueStacks, LDPlayer, Memu and Nox…

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