Craftopia is a Brand New Gorgeous Open-World Anime RPG!

Craftopia is a Brand New Gorgeous Open-World Anime RPG!

Craftopia is a game I never thought I’d enjoy. It’s a beautiful, complex new co-operative multiplayer survival Anime RPG and I couldn’t be any happier having purchased it last month.
We’d been repeatedly told to try the game out – you guys assured us we’d love it, but I’ve never been all too fond of survival games.
Yet what we got wasn’t necessarily your traditional survival game.. it was so much more.

Craftopia is a vibrant new take on a genre that has been heavily dominated by games like Minecraft and Roblox.
It has fast, responsive action combat. It has a deep, diverse ability system that allows for players to highly customize their individual playstyle, ranging from healer, to mage, to warrior to- well, whatever you want, really.
This is a general sense of freedom I don’t often see in games like this and while the game is still in Early Access right now, and the abilities are limited, it’s refreshing to see the kind of game this is shaping up to be.

Mrs Stix and I streamed the game for half the day last month and this was our first impression of the game.

We recorded a lot more off-stream and made it to level 30-something, level 40-something and have been playing periodically since it released.
The game features level-scaled areas, with areas being disconnected from one another via portals. You unlock these portals to new areas by sacrificing specific items that you either harvest, eliminate enemies for or craft.
The areas themselves are pretty diverse, there are over 100 areas in total, and each area is re-used several times over with subtle differences like monster-levels altered.
There are dungeons you can run, albeit the final boss of each dungeon is the same from what we could tell running well over 60 dungeons total.
There are quite a few different enemy types to combat, there are plenty of items to craft, there’s plenty of gear to obtain, either via looting, crafting or defeating enemies.
The hunger system isn’t exhausting to manage, requiring you essentially murder some animals and cook their meat periodically.
The crafting isn’t a necessity in terms of gear progression which is a bonus for me as I’ve always kinda.. disliked crafting. I know, I know. I tend to typically pay people to craft for me. Don’t judge me.
I believe there are even zone-bosses, which are akin to world bosses as we encountered a giant dragon that 1-shot us while in the desert earlier.

Overall, Craftopia is a very unique new game. It’s beautiful, it plays incredibly well, and even despite being in Early Access, the game somehow has enough content to keep you playing for 40, 50, 100 hours or more.
There’s so much to see, so much to do, so much to explore and so much to consume. This is a game that is already worth its price tag, and will definitely be far more than worth it after they’ve released it fully.
Until then.. if you guys wanna play together, you know where to find us!

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