Black Desert Online’s New Guardian is Incredibly Fun to Play

Black Desert Online's New Guardian is Incredibly Fun to Play

Has it really been that long? Yikes. Man, I remember seeing Black Desert for the first time and buying it when it originally launched for.. $50 I think? Maybe it was a little more, maybe a little less.
I dunno, it really has been that long – I bought this around the time I started the channel I think. Maybe a little before, even.

So the new Guardian class was released recently. I’d wanted to play it but was a little too busy at the time. Thus I chose to begin it just the other day, and I’ll admit it was pretty perfect timing.
I wanted to do a dedicated Black Desert Online video where I talk about not only the Guardian class, but also the state of the game.. and that’s definitely coming. Probably sometime this month.
But this – this is actually a video purely dedicated to the new Guardian class and the 4th Anniversary of the game…

So, first and foremost, the new Guardian class is an axe and shield wielding barbarian badass.
Combat in Black Desert has always been a lot of fun – I don’t think anyone can really object to that but there was something I thoroughly enjoyed about her combat style more than any other class.
And let’s be real here.. she looks amazing. When they released the Dark Knight class I thought to myself “clearly they can’t outdo this – she looks amazing.”
I am now eating my words because the Guardian is by far the best looking class in-game. And that’s saying something, because most the classes look incredible.
I think I made it to around level 54 when I stopped the recording, and hit 55 off-screen while working on this video. I’ve never Awakened a character before, so as I inch ever closer to that I’ll finally be able to experience it first-hand.
However, from what I played up until level 55-ish – and trust me, I’m well aware that I’m not playing my character as efficiently as I could, I fell in love with her playstyle.
She has giant, hulking attacks that while slow at times, deal such a substantial amount of damage that rarely did the monsters I was engaged with survive more than a second hit.
The ones that did had too large of a level advantage over me, which I closed pretty quickly.

The Anniversary event was, or is actually pretty sick. Not only did they give the game away completely free during the week of February 27th through March 2nd, but they’re also providing us a $50 Steam giveaway for our viewers. This is done completely by them and not us.
Additionally, they’re also running an in-game Anniversary event where players can earn or purchase tokens in-game that contribute towards the Save The Wildlife charity, helping support endangered wildlife. Yup, you can jump in-game, do quests or put your Silver towards a good cause offline.
Since launching, Black Desert has amassed tens of millions of players globally, introduced a plethora of new classes for players to play, overhauled the entire graphical engine with their Remastered update, and introduced a surplus of new land and content.
It truly is a marvel that it receives the level of updates it currently does.

Back on the topic of the Guardian though.. I know level 55 isn’t really all that impressive. It’s doable in what, a day, maybe two of grinding if you know what you’re doing?
But I have multiple characters all approximately level 54 to 56, yet she is the only class I’ve ever been able to grind with this efficiently.
I almost felt like a pro while playing and that’s a first for me. The majority of her skills were AoE-oriented allowing for me to essentially sit here smashing my buttons while decimating group after group in rapid succession.
And she’s tanky to boot! I never dipped in HP as I’d outheal the damage being done to me. I don’t think this’ll necessarily work the same way in PvP so I hope to god I don’t get ganked while out grinding.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t argue the fact that Black Desert has an incredible action combat system while providing some absolutely gorgeous environments, characters and graphics overall.
Its world is large and filled with players and monsters to fight. Yes, it’s very grindy but there’s a very obvious market for that.
I’m going to be leveling, attempting to hit level 60 in the next couple weeks when I hope to do a much more detailed overview of the game.

Until then, once again, if you want to download BDO completely free for 7-days, then I urge you to use my link in the description or pinned comment.
The Anniversary is going to be on-going for a while yet, so make sure if you’re interested in participating, you jump on in!

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