Aura Kingdom Isn’t Quite Dead Just Yet!

Aura Kingdom Isn't Quite Dead Just Yet!

Aura Kingdom is an Anime MMO that I never really got into. There was just something about it that looked aesthetically appealing on the outside, but once you got into the game.. felt lower tier than its predecessors like Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal.

Yet in news I never saw coming… and realistically in news I guarantee you never saw coming either, Aura Kingdom is receiving a sizeable new update.

The update in question is larger than expected, increasing the new level cap for players to grind towards, multiple new maps for players to explore, a set of new quests that culminate in the unlocking of several different dungeons, and.. quite a bit more. New content is one of the only ways to keep current players interested and logging in to play, and it’s been a very long time since an update of this magnitude was released.

For those of you that thought Aura Kingdom was dead… well, let’s be real: It is. But it is still somehow receiving the odd update here and there. I’m honestly not certain the active playerbase warrants that, but I’m glad to see it still doing.. things.

Aura Kingdom remains one of the only Anime MMOs left for players that enjoy the unique aesthetic Anime games supply, other than something like SoulWorker or PSO2, which are both hub-MMOs – something that Aura Kingdom is not.

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