Arknights Launches its Massive “Near Light” Update

Arknights Launches its Massive "Near Light" Update

Arknights just had an absolutely monolithic update released at the end of April, and you’re going to want to participate if you haven’t already.

This event, titled “Near Light,” began on April 28th, and will last all the way through May 26th. To participate in it you need only have completed the main scenario level 1-10.
There were several event stages introduced with this event: Kawalerielki, which opened when the event went live, and lasts until May 19th. Area 0, which begins May 5th and ends May 19th, and finally City Neon, that opens May 12th and ends May 19th.
During this event, players will be able to complete long-term goals – which are for the most part, just missions, to earn rewards such as MATs and Wild Mane. You can trade these in at the Trade Exhibition, which will be open through May 26th, even after the event stages close.
There’s a brand new login event from now until May 12th, offering some goodies.


There’s a new banner: Path of the Radiant, with several operators, specifically, Nearl the Radiant Knight, being up for grabs. Who I was happy to have obtained. This is, I believe, the only chance to obtain Nearl for the immediate future, as the official website states she will “NOT appear in other standard headhunting.”
All of the operators in question available during this banner are Nearl, Flametail, Corroserum, Wild Mane, Honeyberry, Pudding and Justice Knight. Additionally, players will be able to obtain free Headhunting rolls every 24 hours, from now until May 12th.
Honeyberry and Pudding are redeemable in the Purchase Certificate Store, and according to the website, will not be available again until a future update.
There are new EPOQUE outfits available for those of you with some spare cash, along with some new furniture sets.
There are new packs available – totaling over a hundred dollars, which I may have purchased immediately upon realizing they were there.
And finally, there is the Popping Valley Mining Area, which allows players to try their luck at mining once per day. Each day you’ll obtain a random type of ore, which will be processed into Orundums.
The general consensus thus far has been, in one word: “wow.” Not only have I been impressed with what I’ve seen thus far, but social media is abuzz with praise by not only the story, not only the background music, but the stages as well. And what is being offered to players.
This is an absoluterly incredible event. It is, arguably, one of the best events in the history of the game, and more than that, an incredible event by any Gacha’s standards.

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