Archeland Pre-Registration

Are you looking to fill your Gacha void with something that requires a little strategy? Because that’s exactly what the upcoming Anime RPG “Archeland” is offering players.

Archeland was first brought to our attention back in June 2022, and along with a trailer for the game, has just recently revealed full gameplay. And it looks incredibly high quality, featuring a grid-based field to deploy your units onto, a seamless transition between cutscene and field. This could arguably be one of the greatest new upcoming Gacha games of 2023, which is likely when it will be releasing Globally.

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    Adrian Reply
    Aug 31, 2022 @ 15:50 pm

    Hoping the best

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    Arman Leo Baluca says:
    Please release the game now.....
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    acidgod says:
    kill the fucks who keep stealing from gamers these filth deserve nothing but our worst fuck bless...
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    Kexin says:
    Any new updates on the progress? Hope PWE releases English version! I miss JD and would love for it ...
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    Chris Dancy says:
    DDO - Dungeons and dragons online IS NOT free. You must buy quest packs and maps for each and every ...
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    RedKolz says:
    Hello, i'm very excited for the game. btw if anyone has a friend invite code for the Japan CB please...